Project information

Project title and acronym:

Humanities and cultural Heritage Italian Open Science Cloud – H2IOSC

Duration of the project:

30 months

Project type:

(iii) networking of existing RIs among those listed in NPRI with medium or high priority

Hosting institution:

National Research Council of Italy (CNR)


Project team

Principal Investigator:

Emiliano Degl’Innocenti (CNR OVI)

Leading H2IOSC cluster:

Costanza Miliani (CNR ISPC)

Infrastructure Manager:

Veronica Colautti (CNR ISPC)

Financial Officer:

Daniela Maria Palamà (CNR ISPC)

Acknowledgement: H2IOSC Project – Humanities and cultural Heritage Italian Open Science Cloud funded by the European Union NextGenerationEU – National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) – Mission 4 “Education and Research” Component 2 “From research to business” Investment 3.1 “Fund for the realization of an integrated system of research and innovation infrastructures” Action 3.1.1 “Creation of new research infrastructures strengthening of existing ones and their networking for Scientific Excellence under Horizon Europe” – Project code IR0000029 – CUP B63C22000730005. Implementing Entity CNR.