H2IOSC per “La Primavera della Ricerca”

Tomorrow, May 12, 2023 at The Pisa Research Area will celebrate the CNR Centennial with a day titled “La Primavera della Ricerca”. It will be a celebration dedicated to science to celebrate the CNR Centennial, an event directed to everyone, schools, families, and the city.

H2IOSC will be present with researchers participating in CLARIN-IT and H2IOSC with a workshop entitled:

Research Infrastructures for the Social Sciences and Open Science (CLARIN Group).

What is research infrastructure? What is Open Science and how is it done in practice? During the workshop, H2IOSC – Humanities and cultural Heritage Italian Open Science Cloud, CNR’s new network of research infrastructures for Open Science in the Humanities and Cultural Heritage domain that aims to preserve, enhance, disseminate and sustain humanistic culture, will be presented. Through concrete examples, it will show why it is important for the advancement of science to foster the sharing of data, tools, and expertise, and why this infrastructure is useful not only for research, but also for teaching, particularly with regard to language resources and tools.