H2IOSC General Meeting

“H2IOSC General Meeting” event will be held in Rome on February 6-7 2024. The event will take place at the Sala Convegni of the National Research Council headquarters, in Piazzale Aldo Moro 7.

DAY1, 6 FEB | 2PM-6.30PM: “H2IOSC: Supporting the Digital Transition in the S&CI Domain”. Meeting opened to the H2IOSC Project Consortium and the stakeholders community, introduced by the institutional greetings of the CNR President Maria Chiara Carrozza. | Live streaming on teams | OPEN SESSION : https://msteams.link/5YPH

DAY 2, 7 FEB | 9PM-1.30PM (morning session): “H2IOSC progress: problems, processes, results”. Working meeting opened only to the H2IOSC Project Consortium. | Live streaming on teams | BY INVITATION: Please fill in the registration form to get the link to the 7 February streaming on teams: REGISTRATION Live streaming TEAMS – 7 FEB 2024

DAY 2 | 2.30PM-4.30PM (afternoon session): “EAB + PMB Joint Session (closed session)”. Working session opened only to EAB and PMB delegates (invitation only). | Live streaming on teams | CLOSED SESSION.

The H2IOSC project aims to enhance research in the humanities and cultural heritage sectors in Italy. It focuses on the CLARIN, DARIAH, E-RIHS and OPERAS research infrastructures, establishing a federated and open environment for advanced research. By leveraging high-performance computing, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, H2IOSC enables the creation, management and reuse of open and interoperable digital resources. The project seeks to reduce fragmentation, promote collaboration and become a national and international reference model for open and interoperable digital research ecosystems, fostering research excellence, societal impact and economic growth.